"The Munsters" (1964-1966) and
Munster, Go Home! (1966)
Fred Gwynne, postcard, 1965
Yvonne De Carlo, photo, late-1990s
Al Lewis, photo, 1990s
Pat Priest, letter, 2001
Butch Patrick, photo, 1990s
Butch Patrick, stamped postcard, 1966
Beverley Owen, photo, 1960s?
Debbie Watson, postcard, 2004
Bob Hastings (The Raven), 2000
Mel Blanc (The Raven), year unknown
Doug Tibbles (Writer), 2001
Earl Bellamy (Director), 2001
Cliff Norton (Police Chief Harris; Herbert the Drunk), 2002
Frank Gorshin (Fair Deal Dan), 2002
Lee Bergere (Ramon the Tea Room Owner), 2001
Paul Lynde (Dr. Dudley), photo, 1970s?
Dom DeLuise (Dr. Dudley), 2002
John Fiedler (Warren Bloom the Mailman), 2002
Louis Nye (Zombo), 2002
Sid Melton (Diamond Jim), 2004
Hermione Gingold (Effigie Munster), 1964
Bernard Fox (Squire Moresby), 2001
"The Munsters Today" (1988-1991)
John Schuck, 2002
Lee Meriwether, 2000
Howard Morton, 1980s?
Hilary Van Dyke, 2003
Jason Marsden, 2003
Here Come the Munsters (1995)
Edward Herrmann, 1990s?
Veronica Hamel, 2000
Robert Morse, 2000
The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas (1996)
Sam McMurray, 2002
Ann Magnuson, 2000s?
Sandy Baron, year unknown
Elaine Hendrix, 2005