Merchandising TV shows with a large appeal for children was big when "The Munsters" was new, just as it is today. Collectibles relating to pop culture shows are huge with collectors, and prices can be amazingly high. For Munster related items, some things are fairly common, but some things are very rare, even in not-so-good condition. In the 1960s, there was a wide range of items, including puzzles, books, Koach and Drag-u-la models, comic books, games, trading cards, dolls, puppets, and View-Master reels. In the 1980s, many new Munster items were made, including calendars and dolls. In the late-90s, with the popularity of the Munsters going up with Nick at Nite/TV Land and the two new movies on the Fox Network, more items were made including trading cards, models, dolls, and lunchboxes. Other memorabilia that can command high prices are things not available in stores. Advertisements and promotional items (especially Munster, Go Home! movie posters from around the world) are often popular. Props from the actual show and movies are very rare, but are also sold. Autographs of the cast members can go from very little money (Al Lewis and Pat Priest) to hundreds of dollars (Fred Gwynne and Beverley Owen). Below you will find pages showcasing the various pieces of memorabilia and collectibles out there from the past four decades... old and new, rare and easy to find, and expensive and cheap.
Printed Matter
Games, Puzzles and Art Sets
Audio and Visual Recordings
Dolls and Puppets
DVD's and Videos
Vintage Miscellaneous
The aim is for this memorabilia guide to be complete, but with over forty years of items, many things are bound to be missing. The listing of "vintage" (here meaning 1964-1975) commercially released items should be complete. However, since there has been such a slew of new items since 1999, much may be missing from post-1975. If you have any additional information or pictures to submit, I would be very grateful to include them. Please contact me at , thanks!


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