Even as "The Munsters" was being canceled in 1966 by CBS, the producers and Universal were still going through with a motion picture as planned for the Munsters. Pat Priest was oddly replaced by Universal contract player Debbie Watson as Marilyn. Pat Priest was heart broken, but there was nothing that she or the rest of the cast could do to change the minds of producers Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher.
    In Munster, Go Home!, the first appearance of the Munsters in color to a large audience, Herman inherits the title of Lord Munster because of the death of his Uncle Cavanaugh Munster of Shroudshire, England. Cavanaugh willed everything, including his title and his estate of Munster Hall to Herman. The Munsters leave right away to take a boat to England, and on it Marilyn meets English racer Roger Moresbury. Outraged, Cavanaugh's wife, Effigie, and children, Grace and Freddie won't stand for any of this. When the family arrives in England, the English Munsters try to scare the American Munsters off, but of course that doesn't work. As days go by, Marilyn, Eddie, and Lily find out that the town hates the Munsters and Roger's family throws Marilyn out when they find out that she's related to the Munsters.
    Meanwhile, Herman and Grandpa go prying about Munster Hall to find "The Secret of Munster Hall," that Grandpa heard about when he stopped at the tavern to get directions earlier. After finding a secret passage, they discover that there's a counterfeiting set-up going on. Herman tells Aunt Effigie, who claims to not know about it, and trusting Herman believes her. Under the command of the English Munsters' mysterious leader, the Griffin, Effigie also tells Herman he must race in the Annual Shroudshire Road Race. To do Herman in once and for all so that the English Munsters can get Cavanaugh's inheritance, Herman will be killed off at the race and the blame will be placed on Roger Moresbury. Herman and Grandpa rebuild the Drag-u-la and Herman ends up surviving the long race while frantic Lily and Grandpa try to tell him to get out of the race when they find out about the scheme. The English Munsters are arrested, and Marilyn and Roger make-up.
    Campy film favorites Hermione Gingold and Terry-Thomas star as Herman's Aunt Effigie and Cousin Freddie Munster. Also of various campy movies is John Carradine, who was Mr. Gateman on the original series, but here plays the English Munsters' butler. Bernard Fox ("Bewitched," "The Andy Griffith Show") also stars as Munster-hater, Squire Moresbury. The film would mark the last collaboration of the original cast and crew used on the two seasons of the show on CBS and was also the last time the exterior facade of 1313 Mockingbird Lane on the Universal lot was done up in all its Munster-ous glory. The movie was released on video and DVD in the late-1990s, but has become difficult to find.

CAST Fred Gwynne as Herman, Yvonne De Carlo as Lily, Al Lewis as Grandpa, Debbie Watson as Marilyn, Butch Patrick as Eddie, Hermione Gingold as Effigie Munster, Terry-Thomas as Freddie Munster, Bernard Fox as Squire Moresby, Robert Pine as Roger Moresby, John Carradine as Cruikshank, Jeanne Arnold as Grace Munster, Richard Dawson as Joey, Arthur Malet as Alfie, Maria Lennard as Millie, Diana Chesney as Mrs. Moresby, Ben Wright as Hennesy, Cliff Norton as Herbert, Jack Dodson as Shipmate, Helen Kleeb as Emily. DIRECTED by Early Bellamy. WRITTEN by Joe Connelly, Bob Mosher and George Tibbles. PRODUCED by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher.