In 1995, the Fox Network came out with a new Munster movie. It was the first one in over fourteen years and the first Munster incarnation since the cancellation of "The Munsters Today" in 1991.
    Opening in Transylvania with the villagers trying to storm the Munsters' home, the family realizes it needs to leave their homeland. Escaping out the backdoor, they find the mailman buried with a note from Cousin Marilyn in America. They quickly fly to America, only to find Marilyn's dad missing and her mom (who is Herman's sister in the film) in a coma, the Transylvanian Trance. She's in the coma because of the disappearance of Marilyn's dad.
     Through one of Grandpa's contraptions, they find out that Marilyn's dad, Norman Hyde, was transformed into a politician running for office, Brent Jekyll. Get it? Jekyll? Hyde? Grandpa figures he must get an antidote into Brent to turn him back into Marilyn's dad. As the movie moves along, Herman is arrested, Grandpa saves him, Marilyn befriends another policeman, Lily tries to be as American as possible and Eddie impresses his class by turning into a wolfboy. At a park rally, the antidote is blow-darted into Brent Jekyll, and he finally turns back into Norman Hyde and the person that was running the campaign accidentally says on the microphone his evil plot of controlling Norman in front of a large crowd. All is well in the end, and the Munsters dance the night away in the front yard.
    The movie is full of zany Munsterness, but alas, Edward Herrmann as Herman and Robert Morse as Grandpa don't quite have the chemistry of Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis. One of the best moments in the movie is the cameo of Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, Butch Patrick, and Pat Priest. They are in the restaurant where Herman was working. The movie was released on video in the United Kingdom, but is now out of print.

CAST Edward Herrmann as Herman, Veronica Hamel as Lily, Robert Morse as Grandpa, Christine Taylor as Marilyn, Mathew Botuchis as Eddie, Troy Evans as Detective Warshowski, Joel Brooks as Larry Walker, Sean O'Bryan as Detective Cartwell, Mary Woronov as Mrs. Dimwitty, Jeff Trachta as Brent Jekyll, Max Grodénchik as Norman Hyde, Judy Gold as Elsa Munster Hyde, Amanda Bearse as Mrs. Pearl, Francesca Smith as Monique, Jane Carr as Cassie O'Leary. DIRECTED by Robert Ginty. WRITTEN by Bill Prady and Jim Fisher & Jim Staahl. PRODUCED by Leslie Belzberg, John Landis and Michael S. Murphey.