After the success of 1995's Here Come the Munsters, the Fox network came out with another Munster movie for Christmas 1996. Although one would guess that The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas is a sequel to Here Come the Munsters, there are many contradictions, notably that Marilyn's parents are not seen.
    In the movie, Eddie is a little down about Christmas, so Lily enters Eddie and herself into a house decorating contest. In their design, they have cute pink rabbits caught in cobwebs with a giant spider watching and a guillotine that constantly chops off a guy's head. Ah, it's just like Christmas back home. All the while, Santa is brought to the Munsters' house accidentally by Grandpa, who is then turned into a fruitcake. His elves have also been transported, and now that Santa is helpless, they leave to stroll the town and cause trouble. In the end, all is well as Herman gets to be Santa's helper, and they sing a Munster version of "God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen." Eddie also gets what he has always wanted: a Grand Marquis DeSade Dungeon Play Set!
    Like the 1995 movie, the exterior and interior of 1313 Mockingbird Lane looks nothing like the original series, or the first two movies. The movie was filmed in Canada and is currently the last incarnation of the Munsters. This movie was released on video in the United Kingdom, but is now out of print.

CAST Sam McMurray as Herman, Ann Magnuson as Lily, Sandy Baron as Grandpa, Elaine Hendrix as Marilyn, Bug Hall as Eddie, Mary Woronov as Mrs. Dimwitty, Ed Gale as Larry, Arturo Gil as Lefty, Mark Mitchell as Santa, Jeremy Callaghan as Tom, John Allen as Mr. Pawlikowski, Noel Ferrier as Door Knocker, Bruce Spence as Mr. Gateman. DIRECTED by Ian Emes. WRITTEN by Ed Ferrara and Kevin Murphy. PRODUCED by Leslie Belzberg, John Landis, Tony Winley and Michael R. Joyce.