Here can be found various clips and full length pieces of audio and music from "The Munsters," the movies and various albums. Featured most prominently are versions of "The Munsters" Theme by Jack Marshall. Click (PLAY) next to the sound file you want to hear or right click and select Save Target/Link Asif you want to save it to your computer. If you're looking for a particular piece of dialogue or music not found here, please feel free to e-mail a request at the address on the About Munsterland page.


  • "Abbra cadabra" (PLAY)
  • "I'm in the middle of a very big experiment!" (PLAY)
  • Manic laughing (PLAY)

  • "You brazen little hussy!" (PLAY)


  • "The Munsters" Season 1 opening theme (PLAY)
  • "The Munsters" Season 1 title theme (PLAY)
  • "The Munsters" Season 1 closing theme (PLAY)
  • "The Munsters" Season 2 opening theme (PLAY)
  • "The Munsters" Season 2 title theme (PLAY)
  • "The Munsters" Season 2 closing theme (PLAY)
  • "The Munsters" Color Presentation theme (by Frank De Vol) (PLAY)
    • "The Munsters" B&W Pilot opening theme (PLAY)
    • "The Munsters" B&W Pilot closing theme (PLAY)
    • Munster, Go Home! opening theme (PLAY)
    • Munster, Go Home! closing theme (PLAY)
    • The Mini-Munsters closing theme (by Steve Zuckerman) (PLAY)
    • The Munsters' Revenge opening theme (PLAY)
    • The Munsters' Revenge closing theme (by Vic Mizzy) (PLAY)
    • "The Munsters Today" Season 1 opening theme (PLAY)
    • "The Munsters Today" Seasons 2 & 3 opening theme (PLAY)
    • Here Come the Munsters opening theme (PLAY)
    • Here Come the Munsters closing theme (PLAY)
  • The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas closing theme (PLAY)


    • "At the Munsters" by Jack Marshall with lyrics by Bob Mosher (1965) (PLAY)
    • "Final Theme" by Jack Marshall (1965) (PLAY)
    • "The Munsters Theme" by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops (1965) (PLAY)
    • "The Munster's Theme" by Milton DeLugg and His Orchestra (1966) (PLAY)
  • "(Theme from) The Munsters" by Billy Strange, His Guitar and Orchestra  (1964) (PLAY)
    • "The Munsters Theme" by The Comateens (1981) (PLAY)
    • "The  Munsters Theme" by The Sub-Mersians (2002) (PLAY)
    • "Whatever Happened to Eddie?" by Eddie and the Monsters (PLAY)