By 1973, after "The Munsters" had been in syndication for seven years, the family returned as cartoons on The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie in The Mini-Munsters. Curiously, it is written by the same writing team, Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson, who would later pen The Munsters' Revenge.
    Like any day at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, it starts out with Grandpa working on an experiment while Herman and Lily relax in the living room. Marilyn has apparently left the nest and is no where to be seen. Cut to Eddie, and he's now a rambunctious teenager into playing the drums. Life as usual is interrupted when a bat from the old country flies in with news of Transylvania. Igor and Lucretia, son and daughter of Cousin Wolfbane, are coming to visit and will be arriving at Los Angeles International Airport. Eddie could care less at first, but then finds out that they're rock crazed teenagers, too. Eddie buys a used hearse (a ghost voiced by Henry Gibson haunts the car) and Grandpa manages to rig it to run on music. Meanwhile, a gangster type plots to ruin the "Munster Music Maker" invention as it becomes quite popular. Eddie races the gangster type at the park and wins. At one point, Spot is even kidnapped, but the good Munsters win the day as usual.
    No Munster music that would be expected is used, but Al Lewis voicing Grandpa thankfully adds a little familiarity to the cartoon. It is okay to watch once, but continual viewings can get on one's nerves. Look on the video and DVD page of this site to buy a copy.

CAST Al Lewis as Grandpa, Richard Long as Herman, Cynthia Adler as Lily, Henry Gibson as Mr. Grundy, Bobby Diamond, Arnold Stang, Jack DeLeon, Stuart Getz, Ron Feinberg, Paul Shively, Bob Arbogast. DIRECTED by Gerard Baudwin. WRITTEN by Arthur Alsberg and Don Nelson. PRODUCED by Fred Calvert.