When the Munsters were born in 1964, no one had any idea they would become an international phenomenon. After forty years of non-stop airing and syndication, the show and its many incarnations are widely popular all over the world.
    Through out the 1960s and '70s, "The Munsters" original series began playing in Canada, Mexico, and much of Europe, South America and Australia. Some times the voices of the actors were dubbed, but other times there were simply subtitles. Often was the case that the opening or closing credits were also missing. These are some of the show's various non-English titles:
Germany/Austria "Die Munsters"
Spain "La Familia Munster"
Portugal "Os Monstros I"
Italy "I Mostri"
France "Les Monstres"

     To hear how the Munsters sound in Spanish, here is a comparison of the ending of "Munster Masquerade" when Tom meets the Munsters out of costume, in English and in Spanish, from an airing in Venezuela.

In English (PLAY)
In Spanish (PLAY)

      After its summer 1966 opening in the US, Munster, Go Home! was released internationally. Promotional materials from these releases are some of the most unique Munster collectibles available, most notably posters and lobby cards. The art and coloring of these items was often different, making them all the more interesting. These are some of the movie's various non-English titles:

West Germany/Austria Gespensterparty Ghost Party
Belgium (French) Frankenstein et les Faux-Monnayeurs Frankenstein and the Counterfeiters
Belgium (Dutch) Frankenstein en de Valsemunters Frankenstein and the Counterfeiters
Mexico Los Adorables Monstruos The Adorable Monsters
Spain La Herencia de los Munsters The Heir of the Munsters
Italy La dolce vita... non piace ai Mostri! The Sweet Life... Does Not Appeal to Monsters!
Finland Hirviö kilpa-ajajana Monster Road Race
Sweden Vik hädan, monster! Go Away, Monster!
West Germany (1970s) Die Frankenstein Familie The Frankenstein Family


German Poster 

Mexican Lobby Card

German/Austrian Lobby Cards

German Lobby Card

Belgian Poster

Italian Posters

Austrian Filmprogramm

     In the United Kingdom, Germany and France, Here Come the Munsters was released on video (as Hier Kommen die Munsters in Germany and Les Monstres in France). Here is a comparison from the cameo scene of the original cast with Yvonne De Carlo ordering a sandwich from Herman in English and in German.

In English (PLAY)
In German (PLAY)