"At the tone, two o'clock. Rah!"

     The Munsters have a cuckoo clock in their living room.  In there, lives an ever-joking raven. He's reminiscent of the raven from Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven," as "Nevermore" is his key line. In almost every Munster production, he says some sort of wisecrack.

Lily suspicious of Herman cheating on her because of Tuesday Weld movie they saw: "Tuesday Weld! Tuesday Weld! [wolf whistle]"
Herman practicing animal noises: "Head for the hills! It's King Kong!"
Herman's sentiment: "What a cornball!"
     Of course, he isn't always cracking jokes. He likes to pick the mailman's bag for the Munsters' mail. Lily sometimes gets mad at him for leaving his clock, however.

Classic Quote: when Herman is in jail "Nine o'clock in the morning and the big dummy's still missing!"

The Raven has been voiced by:
Mel Blanc and Bob Hastings ("The Munsters" 1964-66)
Bob Hastings (?) (The Munsters' Revenge 1981)