In early 1964, before the general public even knew about the Munsters, Herman's wife was a bit different. Not only was she played by someone other than Yvonne De Carlo, her name was Phoebe! In the first two pilots (or presentations), Phoebe Munster was Herman's loving companion. While Yvonne's Lily was stern but loving, and a bit like a vampire, Joan's Phoebe seemed to look like Morticia Addams. Since there is so little film of Phoebe, it is hard to judge her character-wise at all. Yvonne De Carlo, needing money because of her husband's accident, auditioned for "The Munsters" soon after, as Joan, and the original Eddie (Happy Derman) left.

Classic Quote: "Would you like something to eat? I have some warm lady fingers in the oven."

Phoebe has been played by:
Joan Marshall ("The Munsters" pilots 1 & 2, 1964)