The very first Munster to be seen on film was poor, unfortunate Marilyn. With thunder and lightning going about, Marilyn and her date, Jack, drive up to 1313 Mockingbird Lane. When the two lovebirds arrive at the front door, they are greeted by Herman. Jack takes one good look and dashes away to his car, and then drives off insanely. "Oh, Uncle Herman, what's a matter with me anyway?" Marilyn asks for the first time.
     Marilyn is your average college aged female. She usually has blonde hair with curls at the ends. Boyfriends are easily gotten by her, but they don't stuck around after meeting the rest of the clan. She has oddly has had a boyfriend in each Munster movie, but they are never back in the next movie. Also odd, is that every time she gets a boyfriend that likes her and her family, they later disappear, like Dick Prince and Moose Mallorey.
     She attends Westbury College and once made a bust of Herman for art class. She once also fell victim to Grandpa's "Sleeping Beauty Potion" (she had insomnia, and he meant to giver her a "Sleeping Potion"). All we know is that her mother is Lily's sister, and nothing about her father. Whether or not the rest of the Munsters know it, Marilyn still has her own charm. Once said by her, "Grandpa, there is more than one kind of magic!" At the point in time, she indeed did know she was not the hideous Marilyn.
     Marilyn usually does her plotting with Lily, as Grandpa does with Herman. She has a pet frog as well. While Marilyn may appear to be somewhat girly, she does enjoy a good explosion or two in Grandpa's lab.

Age: from 16 to 25
Mother: Lily's sister
Father: Unknown
Prefers: boys not to run away, a neat nice room, not to draw attention to her "homeliness"
Abilities: playing the organ, chatting and smiling, cooking

Classic Quote: "Aunt Lily, what happened? All the color has rushed into your face!"

Marilyn has been played by:
Beverley Owen ("The Munsters" all pilots & episodes 1-13, 1964)
Pat Priest ("The Munsters" episodes 14-70, 1964-1966)
Debbie Watson (Munster, Go Home! 1966)
Jo McDonnell (The Munsters' Revenge 1981)
Mary-Ellen Dunbar ("The Munsters Today" pilot, 1988)
Hillary Van Dyke ("The Munsters Today" 1988-1991)
Christine Taylor (Here Come the Munsters 1995)
Elaine Hendrix (The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas 1996)