Usually caught in her bat necklace (although she does have others) Lily Munster is the mother to Eddie, wife to Herman, daughter to Grandpa, and aunt to Marilyn. Some may think Lily can get too harsh with Herman, but we all know that in the end, everything will be "peaches and cream." Sometimes she is worried Herman may be cheating on her ("Tuesday Weld, Tuesday Weld!") like when Herman was a PI. But, yet again, in the end, all was good, and the credits rolled.
     For unknown reasons, she took in her sister's kid, Marilyn. Herman and she love Marilyn as a daughter. To Eddie, she is forever loving ("See, Mommy sewed the ear back on your Woof-Woof"). Lily, also, of course, loves her daddy-dearest Grandpa, even though she sometimes adds an unamused, "Grandpa!" after he says something mischievous.
     Lily is older than she looks, and she has died already. She is much vampire-like, with her silver streak in her hair, and her bat necklace. During the war, she used her crystal ball to watch for planes as an airplane spotter. These are the components of her fashion ensemble: her cape is made of tufted coffin lining in a lovely shade of cemetery green. The dress is made of black widow webs, and the under slip is woven from pure unborn centipede.

Birth date: 1827
Birthplace: Transylvania
Siblings: Lester, Marilyn's Mother, numerous others
Maiden Name: Dracula
Prefers: Chanel No. 13 perfume, going to bed with a lilly in her arms, calling Herman "Pussycat"
Abilities: playing the harp, cooking specialties such as roast hyena, filet of dragon, and roast buzzard soup, can pick the best hanging tree for the Halloween season, palm and crystal ball reading
Marital Status: Married to Herman Munster since 1865
Special Titles: Lady Munster, in 1966

Classic Quote: "It's so hard to find a good vacation spot since they closed down Devil's Island."

Lily has been played by:
Yvonne De Carlo ("The Munsters" CBS sales pilot & episodes 1-70, 1964-1966; Munster, Go Home! 1966; The Munsters' Revenge 1981)
Cynthia Adler (The Mini-Munsters 1973)
Lee Meriwether ("The Munsters Today" 1988-1991)
Veronica Hamel (Here Come the Munsters 1995)
Ann Magnuson (The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas 1996)