Grandpa Munster is not technically a Munster, but since no one really seems to mind, we call him that anyway. Grandpa is too much to explain. He likes to play tricks, and he will always stick up for Eddie. On the other hand, he likes to make fun of and get mad at Herman. Grandpa and Herman will, however, sometimes save each other's rear end.
     He lives with his daughter Lily, and son-in-law Herman. He has his own bedroom with a slab to sleep on. He is something of a night owl, and is often found in his laboratory. Everybody seems to love his lab. He has potions brewing always, a big magic book open, shelves of magic elixirs, and pills, and tons of electrical equipment. He is constantly inventing down there. His pet bat Igor stays down there often as well.
     Grandpa's age is one thing to be unsure of. We can probably guess it's around 400, although he claims to have been around for the volcanic explosion in Pompeii. He has been commented on as a tall penguin, and a fat Jack the Ripper. He usually wears a medallion that signifies his high standing in Transylvanian society. He always seems to wear the same suit, but he will put on a cape for going out. He like to sit in "his chair" in the Munster living room (an electrical chair, mind you). He is often referred to as a decrepit, broken down old man.

Other Names: Sam Dracula, Count Dracula, Vladmir Dracula
Birthplace: The Old Country (Transylvania)
Birth date: A long time ago
Siblings: ?
Parents: Father believed to bury your mistakes, didn't believe in divorce
Offspring: Lily Munster, Lester Dracula, Marilyn's mother (unknown name) and numerous others
Prefers: playing checkers, inventing useful contraptions, magic, potions, trickery, mischief, sleeping like a bat (upside-down), bird's nest stew
Abilities: can turn into a bat and a wolf, limited magic powers, can invent things that seem to only work for a short while
Marital Status: Many wives (once said to have had 167 wives), almost had a mail-order bride, and once had someone claiming to be his long lost wife
Special Titles: Count Dracula

Classic Quote: as Herman sets up a tent "Herman, I asked you not to pound stakes when I'm around. You know it gives me heartburn."

Grandpa has been played by:
Al Lewis ("The Munsters" 1964-1966; Munster, Go Home! 1966; The Mini-Munsters 1973; The Munsters' Revenge 1981)
Howard Morton ("The Munsters Today" 1988-1991)
Robert Morse (Here Come the Munsters 1995)
Sandy Baron (The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas 1996)