When the Munsters found out their English Uncle Cavanaugh Munster had left Herman his entire estate land and properties, and named Herman Lord Munster, they left for England. One of Cavanaugh's children was Grace Munster. We find out she is kind of conniving, and ready as ever to do Herman in. She lives (or lived) in Munster Hall in Shroudshire, England. She hisses sometimes.

Birthplace: probably England
Mother: Lady Effigie Munster
Father: Lord Cavanaugh Munster (died in 1966)
Siblings: Freddie Munster
Abilities: being childish, drinking tea

Classic Quote: "Mum, Freddie's bashing his head against the wall, and if he opens a vein, he'll ruin the drapes!"

Grace has been played by:
Jeanne Arnold (Munster, Go Home! 1966)