When the Munsters found out their English Uncle Cavanough Munster had left Herman his entire estate land and properties, and named Herman Lord Munster, they left for England. One of Cavanough's children was Freddie Munster. He first meets Herman in a ghost sheet. Of course, Herman wasn't afraid, but Freddie certainly was! His one goal was to become Lord Munster, but his father hated him. His father took his revenge out on him, Grace, and Aunt Effigie by willing over everything to Herman.

Birthplace: probably England
Mother: Lady Effigie Munster
Father: Lord Cavanough Munster (died in 1966)
Siblings: Grace Munster
Abilities: whining, limited evil plotting skills

Classic Quote: "He's bound to tell the police; and you know how stuffy they are about counterfeiting."

Freddie has been played by:
Terry-Thomas (Munster, Go Home! 1966)