Edward "Eddie" Wolfgang Munster is the lone son and child of Herman and Lily Munster. He is half vampire, and half werewolf. His skin is light greenish bluish and he has pointed ears and fangs. He is your average grade-schooler. He plays with his friends, and invites them over to meet the family. One of them, Googie, turned out to be trouble. He often idolizes Herman as the greatest "insert title here" (drag racer, magician, baseball player, etcetera).
     He has won many ribbons for running track, and an award for his robot in the science fair. He has his favorite pet, Spot, in which he cares for and plays with. He sometimes gets in trouble, though, when leaving Spot's jumbo sized, 4 feet tall dog food cans lying about. He gets along pretty well with his cousin Marilyn, and loves doing stuff with Grandpa.
     Grandpa has shown Eddie many neat things, and is always willing to help Eddie. Sometimes, as in the time Grandpa wanted to make Eddie grow six inches over night, things go wrong. Eddie grew a beard instead. Grandpa has also shrunk him about 6 inches high, and turned him into a girl! For a short time, Eddie had a robot playmate named Boris. He moved to some relatives however. Lily knows Eddie as her little baby, as any mother, and Herman feels he can mold Eddie into anything.

Birthplace: USA
Age: around nine
School: Mockingbird Heights Elementary
Prefers: sleeping in his coffin, carrying his Woof-Woof doll, watching Zombo (until he found out the show was fake), playing with his pet Spot, scalding water baths, being in cupboards
Abilities: limited trumpet and organ playing skills, catching pop flies in his mouth, opening cans with his ears, track and field events

Classic Quote: "Gee, I don't want to go to bed yet. It's still dark out!"

Eddie has been played by:
Happy Derman ("The Munsters" pilots 1 & 2, 1964)
Butch Patrick ("The Munsters" pilot 3 & episodes 1-70, 1964-1966; Munster, Go Home! 1966)
K.C. Martel (The Munsters' Revenge 1981)
Jason Marsden ("The Munsters Today" 1988-1991)
Mathew Botuchis (Here Come the Munsters 1995)
Bug Hall (The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas 1996)