There is some confusion to Charlie Munster's relations. Lily claims he is "Herman's only living relative." Herman claims the doctor that made Charlie must have had nothing but rotten bones. Was he referring to Dr. Frankenstein? He must be, for if not, how could they be brothers, let alone twins?
     When we first meet Charlie, he shows the Munsters his new invention: a machine that extracts uranium from sea water. First he tries to sell it to Lily, as he knows of her $5000 inheritance from her grandmother. He then tries to load it off on the next door neighbor and succeeds. He then wants it back after he realizes Grandpa "fixed" the machine to actually extract uranium as Grandpa had originally thought he broke it while inspecting it. After some zany twin confusion with the neighbor, Charlie gets the machine back from Herman, who bought it from her. He leaves the Munsters' house, but luckily Grandpa hadn't TOTALLY fixed it; the machine still had some bugs, and it blew up.
     Charlie is often caught in a custom suit and monocle. Overall, he is a sleaze ball, and a fink.

Created by: Dr. Frankenstein (probably)
Siblings: Herman (his twin brother)
Abilities: being a scoundrel, making phony inventions
Prefers: being a con artist

Charlie has been played by:
Fred Gwynne ("The Munsters" episode 9, 1964)