Lord Cavanaugh Munster was Herman's rich uncle. In order to have revenge on his family in the afterlife, he willed over everything to Herman. In his younger days, he employed his butler, Cruikshank, to race for him in the annual Shroudshire, England road race. One race, Cruikshank crashed into a wall and scrambled his bones. Lord Munster's son, Freddie, was never much of a driver, so no one continued the tradition.
     Dying in 1966, this is what Lord Munster's will said:
I, Lord Cavanaugh Munster, Fourth Earl of Shroudshire, hereby convey and bequeath unto my beloved nephew, Herman Munster, my entire estate, lands and properties; thereby investing him with the charter, duties, and title of Lord Munster, Fifth Earl of Shroudshire.

Birthplace: probably England
Wife: Effigie Munster
Children: Freddie and Grace Munster
Accomplishments: from 1910 to 1922, winner of the Shroudshire Roadrace
Special Titles: Lord Munster, Fourth Earl of Shroudshire