In his mid-twenties during the two seasons of "The Munsters," Doug Tibbles wrote twelve episodes, mostly in the second season. His father, George Tibbles, also wrote two episodes and the film, Munster, Go Home! Starting as an extra in TV shows, he was later Jim Nabors's stand-in on "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." (" be honest, hanging around a set can get boring pretty fast," says Tibbles). His first writing job was with "My Three Sons." About working on "The Munsters," he says,
     I was hired by them to write and "punch up" scripts, which was to try and better the jokes in other scripts. I was fairly young at the time (25) so they felt I didn't have the experience to write Munster, Go Home! I didn't visit the set of that one as I was off doing other scripts...
Here, he explains the process of being hired as a writer at the time,
A writer's agent would set up a meeting with the producers of any given TV show and the writer would then "pitch" story ideas. If the producers liked any of them you would then write up the idea, proceed to the first draft of the script and then on to the final draft which would be the shooting script. As you can imagine, it is a very competitive market place.
He also says that "The Munsters" was the most fun of the shows he did, which included "The Andy Griffith Show," "Bewitched" (he wrote the series' first color episode) and "Love, American Style."
      He left the world of TV writing in the 1970s and today, Tibbles is in a rock trio band with his wife, Barbara Keith, and son, John Tibbles, called The Stone Coyotes (website:

21. Don't Bank on Herman
30. Country Club Munsters
37. Herman's Raise (with Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher) (also story)
40. Herman, the Master Spy
44. Happy 100th Anniversary
46. Lily's Star Boarder
53. Herman's Peace Offensive
58. Grandpa's Lost Wife
61. Cyrano de Munster
63. Prehistoric Munster
68. Herman's Sorority Caper
69. Herman's Lawsuit (with Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher)


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Special thanks to Doug Tibbles!