Mystery Theater Replaces Perry Como for the Summer
by Seymour Korman, The Chicago Tribune TV Week 6/22/63

A prelude to "Double Indemnity"--"before Fred McMurray met Barbara Stanwyck"--is the capsule description of the first show in the return of an old favorite, the Kraft Mystery Theater series, this summer, on NBC on Wednesday nights.
     In the memorable movie "Double Indemnity," McMurray and Edward G. Robinson were two insurgence investigators who had confidence in each other's integrity until La Stanwyck jammed up things. In "Shadow of a Man," an original written for Kraft, Jack Kelly and Broderick Crawford are respectively in the McMurray and Robinson roles, in what might be considered an earlier inquiry when both were still honest with each other.
     There are also Ed Begley, who just won an Oscar as best supporting actor in "Sweet Bird of Youth," and a newcomer to Hollywood--Beverly Owen [sic], a New York stage actress. Kelly and Crawford tackle the puzzle of why Begley, their agent in a small town, suddenly seems to have gone wrong.
     "This show and four other new ones in the series," explained Roy Huggins, Revue Productions supervisor, "involve problems not of 'whodunit' but of character motivation, and are long on suspense.
     "Beverly Owen is a real find. She is not only beautiful, but a first-rate actress, and she should go far in television."