Butch Patrick's Love Dreams
For Teens Only Magazine, 1970s

BUTCH PATRICK, the handsome, young star of "Lidsville" has been spending most of his time these days down at the beach with his best girl--his surfboard. But when he's not actively pursuing a sport or working on hard at his chosen profession, Butch is spending his time dreaming about girls and love.
     Butch thinks that love is a very, very special and individual thing. He doesn't think that any two people ever fall in love exactly the same way.
     When he falls in love, he's going to want to be with his girl anyplace, anytime. Do all the ordinary things with her--like washing the car, shopping or just walking down the street.
     He'll treat his girl like a priceless work of art, do little meaningful things for her like bringing her a bouquet of spring flowers.
     He'll totally lose all sense of control and act completely nutty with his girl.
     Butch still remembers one special girl that he met when he was about twelve years old. They used to have a lot of fun together, pretending to be creatures out of horror movies. They were really turned into each other! People might have thought they were nutty, but each thought the other was great!
     Nowadays, Butch feels that besides having a good time with the girl he loves, he would want to learn more about what makes her tick. Her appearance may be what would attract him first, but what she's got inside her head and her heart are going to be what keeps him interested in her.
     Butch certainly has a good idea of what he wants in the girl he's going to love. Has he found her yet? No, not yet, but he knows just what he's looking for, and he's sure he'll meet her very soon!